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Cold Turkey

Rob Fillo Video

My first official music video is out today!  With the immense passion and hard-work of myself and my team (Miles Ellis​, Actor and Neal Miskin​, Music Producer) we are proud to give you Cold Turkey.  This is the story of the all too familiar decent, of a creative person, into mental illness.  This is a very common story and it is of the utmost importance that we continue to battle the stigmas of mental illness and addiction while maintaining pressure on our governments to fund mental health treatment.  Healthy people and ethical work opportunities and essential to a healthy, ethical and functioning society.  

This is my story and the story of many other people.  I feel so blessed that I have had the determination, drive and support system to prevail over my challenges.  And, if you are suffering in the darkness, I need you to know that you can prevail and survive as well.  The world is a beautiful place, only so long as we strive to make it so and find our meaning and our true purpose.  Those of us still sensitive enough to feel the problems that we, as a species, face are not sick; you are not broken.  It's those that accept the wrongs in the world and feel no anxiety and depression that are truly in need of repair.  Be real, be compassionate and know the true power of vulnerability.  Love and be loved in return.
"What is to give light, must endure burning." Frankl

Song and video by Rob Fillo
Music production by Neal Miskin
Actor Miles Ellis

My First Official Music Video

Starring Miles Ellis