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Rob Fillo is a busy man.  Business owner, charity founder, web-series producer, and singer-songwriter, are just a few of his diligently maintained and successfully productive pursuits.  A multidisciplinary artist, Rob Fillo shines in his talents as a community builder and knows how to evoke the best in people.  Through his work as a singer-songwriter, Fillo spans multiple genres; always creating music with a central theme of love with positive social evolution in-mind.  A stickler for the bare-root of a song, Fillo maintains a minimalistic approach to his live show.  He is generally found standing strong by himself with his faithful acoustic companion, his custom steel-sting acoustic guitar, on his chest.  Fillo rides on the edge of absolute vulnerability with a raw and open heart, while he delivers his music with unparalleled passion and sincerity. 

"A kind, compassionate, and empathic individual, Rob Fillo is truly a multidisciplinary, renaissance artist with a loving and open heart; displaying immense passion, sincerity, and talent in all of his chosen art forms." Glenn Chatten